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Snapseed 2.0.2

Adjust and filter your photos

Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app for your iPhone or iPad. While iOS has basic photo editing software built into its Photos apps, Snapseed does everything better and has more features. 

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  • by Anonymous

    Cant save changes when importing to laptop. When i save a copy of my retouched image from Snapseed, it appears in my PHOTOS in Camera Roll album on my iPhone. All good. When I import my Camera Roll album into iPhoto on my Macbook, all the changes/retouching i have done in Snapseed are lost and the image reverts back to its original form. Therefore i cannot keep my image changes other than on my iP More

  • by Anonymous

    Disappointed!!!. So disappointed with the new version of Snapseed!!!!!! it´s not longer possible to get clear, distinct pictures. Cons: I miss the first function in the tools...sorry can´t remeber the name of it